Romanian Pavilion Expo 2015 by Collective East Architects

Romanian-Pavilion-for-Expo-2015-by-Collective-East-Architects-01Within the exhibition, the Romanian pavilion has its place close to Piazza Italia – the square that articulates the two main pedestrian arteries: Deccumanus and Cardo – therefore it becomes a strategic exhibit that should take advantage over its position.
Romanian-Pavilion-for-Expo-2015-by-Collective-East-Architects-02The height and a unitary façade were the base aspects considered  in order to create a simple but powerful landmark exhibit object that serves as an attractor and orientation mark. The system used for the facades was chosen in order to obtain a powerful visual impact, by recreating a traditional Romanian pattern.
Romanian-Pavilion-for-Expo-2015-by-Collective-East-Architects-03The repetition of this pattern on the entire building transforms the pavilion into a sculptural object with a powerful national identity, offering at the same time the same precious detail as an exhibit would in a jewelry museum.
Romanian-Pavilion-for-Expo-2015-by-Collective-East-Architects-04The perception of the pavilion is constantly changing within the mind of the visitor as he gets closer. From further distance the pavilion seems a solid object, introverted and impenetrable, the closer the visitor gets it unveils itself – being able to see through its wooden blades.
Romanian-Pavilion-for-Expo-2015-by-Collective-East-Architects-05Once inside it becomes a warm protective space that tells a Romanian story in a show of lights and shadows created by its façade filter. The exhibition inside the pavilion aims to emphasize Romania’s agriculture that is based on a diverse mixture between traditional and modern systems.
Romanian-Pavilion-for-Expo-2015-by-Collective-East-Architects-06Conceived as an initiatory vertical path for the visitors, the exhibition spaces recreate the Romanian cultural heritage. Beginning with an informative overview on the typical crops, continuing with the fertile Romanian soils, the traditional agricultural techniques and with the people that still use these techniques, the path ends on the roof terrace, where the visitor interacts directly with the basic romanian cereal crops.
Romanian-Pavilion-for-Expo-2015-by-Collective-East-Architects-07Location: Milan, Italy
Architects: Collective East Architects, Prospect SRLCollective East Architects
Project Team: Gabriel Costachescu, Tudor Costachescu, Alexandre Motora, Ioana Nastase, Livia Palmadeala, Horia Tasca,
Area: 550 sqm
Year: 2014
Images: Collective East Architects

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