Trinity@Paya Lebar by DP Architects and ONG&ONG

Trinity Paya Lebar

The lighting design concept of Trinity@Paya Lebar uses light as a metaphor for the connection between the church’s surrounding and its community, as well as a medium to inspire feelings of curiosity and contemplation.
Trinity Paya LebarThe choice of colours for the façade, and the folding of the façade planes are inspired by the canyons in the Israeli deserts while the façade lighting aims to carry the narratives of nature.
Trinity Paya LebarThe animation and vibrancy of the colours used are meant to mirror the dynamism of the sky. Moving colours and projected patterns add a dimensionality to the faceting that is further enhanced as the darker panels recede themselves when the colours fall onto the light, beige walls.
Trinity Paya LebarThe narrative continues to unfold with the progress into the central courtyard. The illumination of the soft- and hard-scapes of the courtyard complements the dynamic, coloured façade, creating a light-scape that allows one to enjoy the green, water and tranquillity within the space.
Trinity Paya LebarAgainst the backdrop of the relatively quiet, semi-industrial surrounding, the façade’s pre-programmed scenes broadcast messages of faith and joy to onlookers and complete the church’s transformation into a new landmark in the neighbourhood.
Trinity Paya LebarLocation: Singapore
Architects: DP Architects
Landscape: DP Architects
Lighting design: /ONG&ONG
Team Director: Ong Swee Hong
Team Member: Tang Mei Shien
Year: 2014
Trinity Paya Lebar Trinity Paya Lebar Trinity Paya Lebar Trinity Paya Lebar

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