Azerbaijan Pavilion Expo 2015 by Simmetrico Network

Azerbaijan Pavilion

Azerbaijan PavilionSimmetrico Network, in collaboration with Arassociati architectural studio and AG&P landscape architectural studio, has projected the Azerbaijan pavilion for Expo 2015. The project was born and developed around the central theme of biodiversity, peculiarity and treasure of a country made of different climatic, geographical and morphological areas.
Azerbaijan PavilionAzerbaijan is strategically located in Caucasia between the North, South, East and West, and is one of Mankind’s oldest cultural sites, a crossroads for history, culture, biology, nature and ecology. The awareness of its strategic location, cultural bridge between North and South, East and West, has inspired policies to protect the territory of this country, rich in natural, human and cultural resources.
Azerbaijan PavilionIts variety of spaces and forms looks to recreate an extensive climatic biodiversity and reflect cultural aspects of Azerbaijan. Its individual interpretation of the theme of Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life is centered on thematic itineraries that aim to educate visitors on Azerbaijan as a great producer and exporter of organic, genuine and healthy products. It also seeks to promote the great historical and cultural traditions in the food industry and to introduce a new political vision focus on sustainable development, biodiversity and health for future generations.
Azerbaijan PavilionThe pavilion is built with simple and clean shapes, made of typical materials of Azerbaijani territory, according to bio-architectural criteria that provide the minimal energy waste. The project follows a modular scheme that permits a great flexibility of spaces and the possibility to rearrange the pavilion in different ways.
Azerbaijan PavilionVisitors can explore its different features through the way in which the pavilion is built. It has three different biospheres; the first, a biosphere of geographical landscapes, as a crossroad between countries; the second, the nine geographic climatic zones of Azerbaijan, and the third, dedicated to traditional culture and innovation for generations to come.
Azerbaijan PavilionThe sides of the pavilion are created using highly flexible wood over an area measuring 887 square meters; the north side is more open to favor air ventilation and a micro climate. The structure is built on three levels, each connected by escalators to three different biospheres, and on the upper level, is an elegant, light restaurant with a terrace. At the end of the exposition, and to highlight its care for the environment, the pavilion will be taken down mechanically and moved to Baku.
Azerbaijan PavilionInside the pavilion will be realized three big spheres welcoming the visitors and inviting them to discover the territory of Azerbaijan, the variety of its resources and climatic areas, its culinary tradition and the mix of cultures that has always been the greatest treasure of this country.
Azerbaijan PavilionLocation: Milan, Italy
Architects: Simmetrico Network
Collaboration: Arassociati architectural studio, AG&P landscape architectural
Year: 2013
Azerbaijan Pavilion Azerbaijan Pavilion Azerbaijan Pavilion Azerbaijan Pavilion Azerbaijan Pavilion Azerbaijan Pavilion


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