Building Ibermutuamur Prevention Society by Denorte

building Ibermutuamur

building IbermutuamurThe building Ibermutuamur Prevention Society is located in the Polígono Industrial Cabezo Cortado in Murcia, Spain.
building IbermutuamurThe building is intended for the administrative and technical company prevention and occupational safety and health offices.
building IbermutuamurBeing located in an industrial area and very view because nearby is the busiest highway in the city , so they needed a modern and totally innovative image that was able to draw attention quickly.
building IbermutuamurThe company needed a unique opportunity to stand out from other buildings in the area building.
building IbermutuamurHence, beyond the building’s skyline symbol, the building show, free avant-garde building is the building that blends with the company that hosts and the surrounding environment, with the brand it represents.
building IbermutuamurAs we approached the building on the main facade we find the asymmetry of the white cube that holds the logo and signature total set of facades.
building IbermutuamurIt has 2 skins of dark blue minionda curved base plate of the facade and a second , the most singular, a lattice of brand Duralmond totally organic and recycled white resin and almond shells , these fur lining for complete the building in almost all of the facades.
building IbermutuamurThe façade is constituted by a glass curtain wall with hidden aluminum profiles and a curved shape to provide movement of the building together with the lattice Duralmond.
building IbermutuamurLocation: Murcia, Spain
Architects: Denorte
Project Management: Roberto Gómez Denorte
Builder: Jemeca, S.A.
Total Area: 2.200,19 m2
Area: 1.753,08 m2
Year: 2010
Client: Ibermutuamur
Photographs: David Frutos
building Ibermutuamur building Ibermutuamur building Ibermutuamur building Ibermutuamur building Ibermutuamur

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