Fernando Montero wins The New Tic competition

new TIC competition

new TIC competitionThe school is like a great plant pot that respects the existing nature and empowers it. The building is like a ribbon moving to avoid the trees around, protecting them and bringing the public closer, creating a sheltered and contained space with the existing green.
new TIC competitionThe Technical School Of Technology, Informatics And Communication (Tic) is located at the Palacio Otamendi lot in San Fernando City close to Buenos Aires. TIC aims to satisfy the needs of the students and teachers as well as of the community.
new TIC competitionThe Project proposes a free and public ground floor where the space flows under the building, enters the palace and advances to the whole land.  This creates ideal places for people get-together and to join the nature.  In fact, the Project aims to empower the existing natural environment, transforming nature into an inspiration and knowledge source to students.
new TIC competitionThe vegetation climbs, invades and grows all around, getting close to users and creating flexible spaces. This interior and exterior spaces with different spatiality, proportions, dimensions and compositions are propitious to learning and amusement.
new TIC competitionThe best way to preserve the Palacio is to reuse it, assigning the administrative and management functions in the upper floors and the public, cultural, commercial, landscapes and public places in the ground floor.
new TIC competitionThe Palacio and the new building dialogue through a contrast of shapes, materiality and symbolism. They are functionally linked from circulation fluidity through the public open ground and a high connection by a metallic bridge.
new TIC competitionYou can get a friendly, ecological and inclusive building, according to the accessibility rules. TIC offers people recreational and cultural spaces, anticipating the inclusion of the adjacent historical buildings to create an environment that strengthen the relationship of the community as a whole.
new TIC competitionLocation: San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Architect: Fernando Montero
Project Team: Juan Pablo Fernández, Florencia Aldacourrou y Nicolás Lamonica
Land Area: 4.300 m2
Building Area: 4,000 m2
Year: 2013
new TIC competition new TIC competition

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