Izmir Opera House by Nüvist Architecture & Design

Izmir Opera House

Art has a great role in showing what happens in human beings’ life. Soul, intelligence and the emotions are the reflections of the community, and Art forms the social identities of communities. It also shows us the difference between the various social identities.
Izmir Opera HouseGlobal influences effect the types of knowledge acquisitions or the social values in the art, and the artists determine the standards of modern life. Thus, art centers have many roles beside their fundamental functions that should be participant, shared with society and create a modern level in connection between the citizens and the artists’ works.
Izmir Opera HouseThis concept is the key criteria for the Izmir Opera House Project. The project should be reflecting the history, the culture and the modern life in Izmir, furthermore it should be an identity for the city of Izmir. And competition area also allows us to create an identification or a symbol for a city that because the area can be seen clearly from near surroundings and specially from sea side areas.
Izmir Opera HouseThis situation came to the forefront. So we considered important in it. Izmir opera house has been designed for being a symbol for izmir. In this way, we thought that izmir will be a center of attraction and also first recognizable preparation place for all domestic and foreign tourists.
Izmir Opera HouseWe also designed areas and places like playgrounds or amphitheatres for cultural activities, artistic performances, open air concerts, celebrations in surrounding areas of opera house. With all these recreation areas we thought that opera house will be meeting and connection point between the citizens, art and the artists’ works.
Izmir Opera HouseThese places which support opera house’s organizations and also can be used separately. In this way, the whole areas and functions can be live day and night. Opera house’s functional areas has been designed according to conditions and environmental analysis like perceptual data’s, vista areas, vehicular and pedestrian areas, functional connections and meteorological factors.
Izmir Opera HouseIn this context, we have started to design an urban art dome that we call Artistic Foyer. The urban power effects the functional system, and the  functional system defines the artistic foyer. As a result, all these things together create a parametric topography which forming the dome.
Izmir Opera HouseLocation: Izmir, Turkey
Architects: Nüvist Architecture & Design – Emrah Cetinkaya
Site Area: 20000 m²
Bldg. Area: 30000 m²
Gross Floor Area: 40000 m²
Bldg. Coverage Ratio: 30 %
Gross Floor Ratio: 40 %
Bldg. Scale: 2 floors above Ground, 1 floor below Ground
Structure: Steel + Reinforced Concrete
Max. Height: 45 m
Landscape Area: 35000 m²
Parking Lots:  190 cars (24 for Handicapped)
Exterior Finish: low e double glaze, u-glass, metal Panels, fiber reinforced polymer
Year: 2010


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