Mexico Pavilion Expo 2015 by Francisco López Guerra Almada

Mexico pavilion

Mexico pavilionSince its first participation in a Universal Exhibition (Philadelphia in 1876), Mexico has always delivered an impressive pavilion that captures the imagination. The fundamental theme of Expo Milano 2015 is sustainability, being as much a driving principle for feeding the world’s population, as a criteria for architectural design, in terms of eco-friendly materials, ease of construction and dismantling, and fulfilling proposed programs.
Mexico pavilionThe architect Francisco López Guerra Almada, together with Jorge Vallejo and consulting biologist Juan Guzzy, designed the winning proposal of the international competition based on the most typical Mexican food: corn. The designers   were inspired a typical food of the Mexican culinary tradition : the corn.
Mexico pavilionThe jury chose between the 39 proposals submitted by evaluating the quality of the spaces , the form and the functionality of the architectural design, the speed and simplicity construction , environmental sustainability of the proposal. Mexican Pavilion will have an area of 1,910 square meters. Set in a prime location at the intersection of the two main avenues.
Mexico pavilionThe interior offers an all encompassing exhibition of typical produce, edged by a stream of water that gives life to the gardens and takes visitors along spiral ramps, to explore the gastronomic, ecological and cultural riches of Mexico. The roof of the pavilion will be a ” skin” of natural fiber that will leave a glimpse of the interior. The structure will be lit at night , turning into a sort of big outdoor lamp.

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