Museum for Argo by Not A Number Architects

Museum for Argo

Museum for ArgoThe museum dedicated to the legendary adventure of Jason and the 50 Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece will house a replica of a penteconter (a galley with one tier of 50 oars, 25 on either side) built in 2008 in the central Greek city of Volos.
Museum for ArgoThe new Argo was built with Bronze Age replica tools, following designs for warships during the Mycenaean era and set sail on a two-month journey to Venice simulating parts of the mythical expedition of Jason and his heroic company.
Museum for ArgoThe space of the museum is defined by a square plan and a double-curved wooden roof. The surface of the roof is undulated in an attempt to organize the basic museum program but also to explore additional programmatic possibilities.
Museum for ArgoThe two highest peaks of the roof make room underneath for the penteconter and an IMAX theatre whereas the lowest point dissolves into the ground forming an outdoor amphitheatre with a view towards Mount Pelion. Around the amphitheatre a semi-covered “stoa” is formed offering an outdoor extension for the café and the foyer of the theatre.
Museum for ArgoThe structure of the roof consists of large scale timber frames made out of glued laminated timber beams. The circulation in the main exhibition space is structured as a narration of the legendary expedition of the Argonauts. Starting with a descent through a ramp into an underground round chamber the visitor submerges into the time of heroes and epic journeys beyond the then known world.
Museum for ArgoA round hole on the roof allows for a glimpse of the Argo ship from beneath. The path then continues with a gradual ascent through daedal stepped levels symbolizing the different encounters of the Argonauts’ famous voyage towards Colchis, while Argo reveals itself gradually in the background.
Museum for ArgoLocation: Volos, Greece
Architects: Not A Number Architects (NaNA)
Architect in Charge: Ermis Adamantidis, Dominiki Dadatsi
Project Team: Maria Avramidou, Aliki Iosafat, Nikos Koutroulos, Naya Moutaftsi
Area: 2.500sqm
Year: 2013
Type: Competition
Museum for Argo Museum for Argo Museum for Argo Museum for Argo


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