MVRDV Wins Serp & Molot Factory Competition

Serp and Molot factory

Serp and Molot factoryMoscow Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov announced MVRDV as the highest scoring finalist in the competition for a refurbishment of the legendary Serp & Molot (Hammer & Sickle) factory, located East of Moscow’s centre.
Serp and Molot factoryMVRDV designed an urban concept which respects the structure of the 58 hectare industrial zone and creates room for 1.8 million m2 mix use development. Development Corporation Donstroy estimates an investment of 180 billion Roubles and envisions its completion in 2021.
Serp and Molot factoryBuilt in 1884, the Serp & Molot steel factory in Moscow was a stronghold during the Russian revolution.In the past decades it fell into disrepair – unused and overgrown with plants.How could the remarkable history of the steel factory be combined with the demands for the creation of a new, attractive, modern urban neighbourhood in the centre of the Russian Capital?
Serp and Molot factoryMVRDV’s winning scheme builds upon the current layout and identity of the site. By taking the characteristic factory streets, buildings and objects as starting points, a new layer is added to the neighbourhood. Historical structures such as large chimneys and pipes are preserved and other structures are integrated into new buildings.
Serp and Molot factoryLarge factory halls are replaced by urban blocks that follow the footprint of the old factory with additional green courtyards. By partitioning the blocks further into segments and applying different densities the plan diversifies the area. Ground floor spaces are reserved for public facilities and retail.
Serp and Molot factoryThis leads to a vivid, green, complex and highly dense urban plan which strongly respects the character of the site. An existing factory transport ring will be repaired and become part of a park that will form a three-dimensional spine for the new neighbourhood.
Serp and Molot factoryThis public urban space will house playgrounds, sports facilities, open air markets and pavilions. Schools and day care centres are connected to this ring park. On top of the transport ring a sky walk can be made in between the tops of the trees, overlooking the surrounding neighbourhood.
Serp and Molot factoryNext to housing, offices and retail the new neighbourhood will also include schools and a local hospital. The urban quarter will be developed in phases and create space for 19.000 inhabitants and 16.000 work spaces. It is envisioned to be completed in 2021. The total investment is estimated at 180 billion Rouble. MVRDV
Serp and Molot factory Serp and Molot factory Serp and Molot factory

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