New HALL 3A by Zaha Hadid


HALL 3ANürnbergMesse’s, one of the 20 largest exhibition companies in the world, recently completed 9,000m² exhibtion centre for the Nuremberg trade fair and conference district, designed by Zaha Hadid.
HALL 3AThe new hall increases the display area of the exhibition and congress site by 9,000 square metres to more than 170,000 square metres. The total cost amounts to about 37 million euros.
HALL 3AThe floor space of 3A is 105 metres long and 85 metres wide, almost twice as large as the area of the Hauptmarkt, Nürnberg’s market square that is, after all, the setting for the Christkindlesmarkt, the world-famous Christmas Market.
HALL 3AThe height of the hall is 13 to 20 metres (the roof slopes slightly in the north-south direction), and the hall floor supports a weight of up to five tonnes per square metre – equivalent to several small cars stacked on top of each other. Source NürnbergMesse.

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