New Holland Agriculture Pavilion by Carlo Ratti Associati

New Holland Pavilion

New Holland PavilionNew Holland Agriculture, one of the world’s top manufacturers of agricultural machinery, have announced the innovative proposal conceived by Carlo Ratti Associati, as the winner of the international competition for their 17,000 square foot pavilion at the World Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy.
New Holland PavilionThe proposal, called EARTH SCREENING, features a large agricultural field on its roof, similar to a giant 3D printer thanks to the constant activity of two zero-emission, robotized, self-driving tractors, which will constantly move over the roof, ‘writing’ and working the land. While the roof uses real moving tractors, inside the pavilion visitors can interact with the latest research, products and innovations in sustainable agriculture developed by New Holland, in both a physical and digital way.
New Holland PavilionUsing a sort of ‘augmented rurality’, made of large screens featuring dynamic footage collected from fields across the world as the backdrop for static agricultural equipment, visitors are taken on a journey that closely mirrors the seasons and cultivation cycles and taught about energy and sustainable farming. The aim is that the energy for the pavilion – including that for the self-driving tractors on the roof – will be generated on site. After the Expo, the New Holland pavilion will be dismantled and reconstructed in a second location as an innovative didactic farm, embodying the very idea of recycling and sustainability. Source: Carlo Ratti Associati.
New Holland PavilionLocation: Milan, Italy
Project designer: Carlo Ratti Associati
Group leader and project manager: Recchi Engineering
Feasibility and construction management: NUSSLI
Sustainability consultants: Manens-Tifs Ingegneria
Structural engineering: M. Durbano Ingegnere

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  1. Hey Marco! I was really impressed to this article especially when i found out about the purpose of this oblique platforms that will be used for agriculture. The one who designed this is really genius! Aside that it is attractive to see, the irrigation system to this agriculture is water-saving and minimal time will be used. Kudos to this article!

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