Swedbank Headquarters by 3XN

Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-01An estimated 2,500 employees will move into the new 45,000 m2 headquarters in the Stockholm suburb of Sundbyberg, 5 kilometers from the city center.  The new Swedbank HQ will be one of Sweden’s most modern and innovative office buildings, focusing on Scandinavian simplicity, transparency and dynamic social environments.
Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-02Thus, the architecture is based directly on the organization’s profile as a solid, financially sound and modern bank, interpreted through 3XN’s philosophy on behaviour and architecture. With its innovative and transparent expression formed in an unconventional triple-v structure the building will become a landmark amongst Swedish office buildings.
Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-06The large volume required has been broken down to create spaces on a human scale. This makes the building inviting on the inside as well as on the outside. Transparent facades help to underline Swedbank’s OPENNESS towards the surrounding world while highlighting the semi public functions such as restaurant and conference facilities on the lower floors.
Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-03The sculptural triple-V structure above creates an integrated roof for the main entrance and breaks up the façade in smaller geometric units. Simplicity is expressed through the building’s easy orientation centered around the two spiral staircases.
Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-04Stairs, bridges and open spaces create visual contact and dynamic variation between the seven upper floors. The trading floor is the very heart of the building and is placed directly above the public areas.
Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-10The other floors contain open office spaces with common facilities placed around the central axis, which provides a natural transportation route across the building. Kitchens, wardrobes and lounge areas placed along the axis create areas encouraging informal meetings.
Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-05Care means creating a good social environment. 3XNs triple-V solution reduces the distances between employees and places them in intelligent proximity enabling good internal communication. The open atria give access to plenty of daylight while the building’s compact shape results in low energy consumption. Source: 3XN
Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-07Location: Landsvägen, Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Architects: 3XN
Project Team: Kim Herforth Nielsen, Jan Ammundsen, Bo Boje Larsen, Marie Hesseldahl Larsen, Audun Opdal, Eva Hviid-Nielsen, Sofia Steffenoni, Jeanette Hansen, Anders Wadman, Caroline Purps, Sona Pohlova, Sebastian Le Dantec Reinhardt, Julie Rothman-Pedersen, Martin Rejnholt Frederiksen, Simon Hartmann-Petersen, Stine de Bang, Sune Mogensen, Noel Wibrand
Partners: Engineer: P O Andersson Konstruktionsbyrå AB, Ikkab, Hillstatik AB / Landskape Architect: LAND Arkitektur AB / Indretning: Tengbom & 3XN
Gross Floor Area: 45,000 m2
Year: 2014
Client: Humlegården Fastigheter
Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-11 Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-12 Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-13 Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-14 Open-Swedbank-by-3XN-16

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