Tropical Bungalow by MAP

Tropical Bungalow

Tropical BungalowLocated on an island at the branch of Mandovi River, the site commands a significant presence. Taking advantage of 100m setback requirement, a rich tropical landscape is infused with waterways created from a combination of seasonal rain and river water.
Tropical BungalowA sprawling bungalow sits on a higher podium with its rooms organized around a central courtyard. The length of the building opens to the river and the prevailing wind direction. To maximize this exposure, most of the rooms are stacked in the same orientation.
Tropical BungalowThe east, west and north facades are made with solid masonry walls with few fenestration necessary for cross-ventilation. In contrast, the south façade facing the river are transparent and operable to capture the views and summer breeze. Large overhangs and brie-soleil regulate the direct sunlight.
Tropical BungalowThe wave-like roof is the marquee of the house. The undulating roof while becoming spill outs for upper level creates larger interior volumes for the primary spaces at ground level. The roof form naturally channels rainwater to the edges for storage and reuse.
Tropical BungalowThe outer deck is a continuation of the interior rooms eventually culminating in an infinity pool. The deck area descends into an expansive lawn, followed by the waterpark, and finally the river – establishing a visual and physical link between land and water.
Tropical BungalowLocation: Goa, India
Architect: MAP
Project Team: Kiran Mathema, Ari Daman, Dipesh Shrestha
Management Team: Ajaya Mathema
Landscape design: MAP Climate: Tropical
Engineer: Ramboll India
Site Area: 1.25 acre
Total built-up area: 1000 m2
Client: Ozone Group, Bangalore, India

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