Wuxi Wanda Cultural Tourism City Exhibition Center Opened

Exhibition CenterThe Wuxi Wanda Cultural Tourism City Exhibition Center was officially opened to the public on  March 16, attracting over 10,000 citizens and tourists from various regions.
Exhibition CenterThe newly built Wuxi Wanda culture and tourist exhibition center, as the world’s “largest purple-grit teapot style building”. Located on the border of the yangtze river and taihu lake in china, the ‘wuxi wanda cultural city’ exhibition center has been designed to reference local customs.
Exhibition CenterAntique Teapot master Wang Jinchuan praised the building’s design as “strongly reflecting clay teapot culture”is a building  a dark-red enameled pottery with a height of 38.8 meters, a diameter of nearly 50 meters and an area of 5,000 square meters.
Exhibition CenterThe building is mainly made out of aluminum plates and glass. Each piece of glass has different shapes and sizes and stained glass was used for the dome. There are three floors inside, and a huge amount of money is spent to create a high-tech movable sand table.
Exhibition CenterIn addition to different rotatable plots, there are even miniature roller coaster, ferris wheel, water parks and other movable models, wherein the shape of “Wanda Mao” building looks like azalea, the Wuxi city flower, with open layers to form a “drawer” shape. Strong integrating with the spirit of the historical cultural city with the modernity of the urban landscape, will become a new urban humanity landmark of Wuxi in the future. Source: Wanda Group.

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