BAM South by TEN arquitectos

BAM South

BAM SouthAfter nearly a decade, the BAM Cultural District addition will soon start rising from the ground. The mixed use building will occupy the south portion of a triangular site at the intersection of Flatbush, Ashland, and Lafayette Avenues in downtown Brooklyn, New York City.
BAM SouthTogether with the grand plaza, located immediately to the north, the proposed building defines the gateway to BAM and the new cultural district. The tower is articulated as three volumes: a central circulation spine and two flanking volumes, where the apartments are located.
BAM SouthThe tower and the building base are unified by a continuous folding skin. The base of the building contains retail (at the southern tip); a movie theater complex, which will be an extension of the adjacent BAM facility; a branch library; gallery; and dance rehearsal spaces.
BAM SouthThe building will include approximately 350 mixed-income luxury apartments, ground floor retail, a subsurface parking garage and a 50,000 square foot community cultural facility to be jointly occupied by the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Public Library and several local arts groups. The building is being designed by Enrique Norten (TEN Arquitectos) and will be LEED certified, it’s slated to be complete by August 2016.

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