Expo 2017 Astana – City of the Future by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Expo 2017 Astana

Expo 2017 AstanaOur concept for the EXPO in Astana 2017 – The City of the Future – proposes a recognizable and vibrant design through a composition of functional sculptures generated out of several parameters such as local climate, the idea to generate energy for the EXPO event through the main buildings, economy of structure as well as program and the correlation of orientation and surroundings.
Expo 2017 AstanaTogether, the design of the City of the Future for the EXPO site and the Energy Welcome Tower as the EXPO Symbol complement the existing urban axis of Astana and their already built landmarks such as the Khan Shaty Entertainment Center, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation and the Bayterek Tower.
Expo 2017 AstanaThe title City of the Future was chosen in relation to the provided EXPO theme Future Energy – and communicates the intention to densify the built program in order to preserve as much ground surface as possible and to use it as natural public green space. The required EXPO program was stacked vertically, based on functional needs and an optimum use of natural forces like wind and sun.
Expo 2017 AstanaThe four theme pavilions Cosmos, World, Life and Mind act as mini power plants; energy is generated through the tower’s shapes and façade treatments and is used for the EXPO events. Conceptually, in the center of the composition a vertically moving Outdoor Performance Space is located, which provides circulation between the different levels and programs of the surrounding buildings and acts as vertical green public garden for employees and visitors.
Expo 2017 AstanaThis exterior outdoor space is framed by the additional program of the EXPO, most importantly the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan; it is the first pavilion to be entered, placed in direct view and in line with the main entrance. The Auditoria and the Commercial- and Exhibition Area are completing the composition of the City of the Future, which demonstrates that Future Energy will be the main paradigm influencing all main aspects of our lives. Source: Coop Himmelb(l)au.
Expo 2017 AstanaLocation: Astana, Kazakhstan
Architects: Coop Himmelb(l)au
Principal in Charge: Wolf D. Prix
Senior Project Partner: Michael Volk
Project Partner: Luzie Giencke
Project Team: Daniela Kröhnert, Laura Ghita, Luis Pozo, Herwig Scherabon
3D visualization / 3D animation: Jens Mehlan
Model Building: Paul Hoszowski
Graphic Design: Jan Rancke
Site Area: 250,000 m2
Total Exhibition Area (without national Pavilions): 52,000 m²
Competition: 2013
Client: National Company Astana EXPO 2017, Kazakhstan

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