Grand Cancun by Richard Moreta Castillo

Grand Cancun

Grand CancunFuturistic Grand Cancun Eco Tourism Resort to Address Our Energy Crisis and Global Warming Grand Cancun could be the world’s first luxury eco tourism resort that responds to our energy crisis and local fossil fuel dependency of the city. A huge marine platform complex designed by Prof. Arch. Richard Moreta Castillo who has been involved in green architecture for a long time.
Grand CancunThis is a vision for the year 2020 where Cancun will celebrate its 50th founding anniversary, a landmark or a memorial sculptural which is adapted from “Kaan Kun” or Nest of Snakes, just like the magical legend of Mayan Serpent God.
Grand CancunThis awesome eco architecture contributes to the myth and raises the serpent from water to infinity (leyend of the “Kukulkan”, Maya’s God), a great representation of exceptional harmony between Mayan people and their new metropolis.
Grand CancunThis concept architecture was inspired by our fight against global warming, it addresses problems that we will be facing such as scarcity of water, pollution of coastal shores due to debris, hydrocarbons from congested marine traffic, and space.
Grand CancunGrand Cancun would become the first marine platform that recover instead of exploiting its environment, it utilizes platform concept instead of an artificial island, thus, creating more space yet less impact in marine ecosystem.
Grand CancunThe mega building will be totally self sufficient, there will be hotels, convention centers, malls, and cinemas, and many more entertainment complex to provide you with ultimate experience in conventions and hospitality.
Grand CancunIt has zero-carbon footprint while providing the city clean drinking water and energy from renewable resources. But the ultimate goal is to help clean the seas, the technology used will separate water from hydrocarbons and floating solids.
Grand CancunSolar panels and vertical wind turbines help in avoiding environmental visual pollution, the building will also harvest tidal and wave energy, collect and reuse rainwater. It is very ambitious project, don’t you think?
Grand CancunThe Grand Cancun is not only an extraordinary work of engineering, but a tangible and proactive solution for the needs, desires and aspirations of a city that looks to the future.
Grand CancunLocation: Cancún, Mexico
Concept and Design: Richard Moreta Castillo (Richard’s Architecture+Design)
Principal: Richard’s A+D, GMZ-Design
Project Engineer: Hugo Corral
Local Architects: Hugo Amador Team
Hospitality Manager: Dir. Omar Estevez
Budget: US $1.2 Bilion
Year project: 2015-20
Client: Apogee Group
Image: RA+D Media Team
Grand Cancun Grand Cancun Grand Cancun Grand Cancun Grand Cancun Grand Cancun


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