Home & Shopping HQ by Samoo Architects & Engineers

Home and Shopping HQ

Home and Shopping HQSamoo Architects & Engineers have recently unveiled the design for a new headquarters building for ‘Home & Shopping’, one of Korea’s TV home shopping corporations. Due to the corporate history which was established to help promote middle and small size business organisations, a unique design identity was required to differentiate itself from other competitors.
Home and Shopping HQDesigned with the concept of ‘Gift Box’, the design team visualised vibrant rectangular boxes integrated to the headquarters tower. These boxes would not only symbolise the corporate philosophy of providing client satisfaction but also provide the main function of studios for TV broadcast recordings.
Home and Shopping HQA total of 3 studios with different sizes and support facilities will be installed with easy access for logistics. During the night, these boxes will light up and function as a digital canvas with integrated LEDs that project motion images. On the ground level, an open lobby with direct access to the subway network allows convenient access to the building.
Home and Shopping HQA variety of facilities including a street exhibition zone and an open studio is located to maximise exposure and interaction with local citizens. In the office zone, efforts were made to provide a creative and flexible working environment with refresh zones that foster creative interaction and communication among employees.
Home and Shopping HQOn the top floors, sky-lounges and restaurants provide opportunities for refreshment with splendid views of the surroundings. Also an auditorium accommodating 400 seats allows various events, seminars and lectures to occur. Scheduled to complete construction by 2018, the new headquarters building will deliver creative working environment combined with state-of-the-art studios to open new possibilities for future growth.
Home and Shopping HQLocation: Seoul, Korea
Architect: Samoo Architects & Engineers
Structure: R.C., S.C.
Area: 51,284 m2
Year: 2014

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