Museum Audemars Piguet by BIG

Museum Audemars Piguet

Museum Audemars PiguetSwiss luxury watch maker Audemars Piguet chooses team Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), HG Merz, Luchinger & Meyer and Muller to expand its historic headquarters in La Vallée de Joux, La Brassus, Switzerland.
Museum Audemars PiguetBIG’s proposal, titled Maison des Fondateurs, dons a 2,400 sq m spiral-shaped museum that tells the history of this luxury Swiss watchmaker dates to 1875. The expansion will be a striking landmark to precision seamlessly integrated into the local landscape.
Museum Audemars PiguetBIG created an intertwined spiral shaped pavilion which is conceived as a storyline for the visitors – blending old and new –  and guiding the visitor through a linear sequence of spaces and events, from the entrance through lounges, galleries and workshops, to the attic of the heritage building in the workshop where it all began.
Museum Audemars PiguetThe intertwined spirals solve one of the dilemmas of the program. The narrative structure calls for a succession of galleries and workshops, while the logistics of operations requires the workshops to be interconnected. By coiling up the sequence of spaces in a double spiral, the three workshops find themselves in immediate adjacency – forming one continuous workspace – surrounded by galleries.
Museum Audemars PiguetThe roof and ceiling of the pavilion is conceived as a single sheet of metal – a steel structure clad in brass, continuous in plan but undulating in section to create a series of openings allowing daylight and views to the exhibits. Towards the end of the visit the double spiral intersects the existing museum building providing access to the vaulted spaces in the lower floor and to the attic.
Museum Audemars PiguetThe dynamic forms of modern materials, concrete and brass, give way for a locally anchored tectonic of straight lines and warm surfaces of wood or stone. Heavy meets light. Soft meets hard. Warm meets cool.
Museum Audemars PiguetLocation: Le Brassus, Switzerland
Architects: Bjarke Ingels Group
Collaborators: HG Merz, Luchinger und Meyer, Muller Illien
Partner-in-Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen
Project Leader: Daniel Sundlin
Project Team: Ji-Young Yoon, Jason Wu, Otilia Pupezeanu, Natalie Kwee, Beat Schenk, Dammy Lee, Blake Smith, Marie Lancon, Yaziel Juarbe, Julien Beauchamp-Roy, Kristian Hindsberg, Pauline Lavie
Size: 2400 m2
Year: 2014
Client: Audemars Piguet
Museum Audemars Piguet Museum Audemars Piguet

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