Queen Elisabeth Hall by Ian Simpson

Queen Elisabeth Hall

Queen Elisabeth HallFollowing an international design competition in 2009, the practice’s original proposals addressed three priorities, improved acoustics, contemporary standards of comfort and a home for the Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra.  Subsequently, an expanded Brief included an entirely new auditorium with theatrical staging and conference facilities serving over 2,000 people. The scheme requires the demolition of an existing auditorium which replaced the original concert hall in 1958 and occupies additional sites extending to a new façade on Carnot Street to the North.
Queen Elisabeth HallThe new interventions are integrated with the valuable historic buildings at the perimeter of the urban block facing the Zoo and the Central Station. Acoustic concerns dictating the auditorium form presented the opportunity to create an atrium bringing light into the foyers and exposing the grandeur of the historic interiors. Bronze, brass and mirrored shingles articulate the auditorium volume framing the foyers and signalling the hall externally.
Queen Elisabeth HallThe atrium and its associated foyers integrate new and existing spaces, making visual connections with the Zoo.  The auditorium is the heart of a diverse cultural venue, further enhanced by the restoration of the value and presence of the original Marble and Darwin Halls Finishes in the auditorium combine oak and walnut linings and bronze mesh ceilings and balcony fronts.  The internal form responds to acoustic performance priorities which shallow scoops fine-tune the space defining a unique musical character. Source: Ian Simpson
Queen Elisabeth HallLocations: Antwerp, Belgium
Architects: Ian Simpson
Structural Engineer: ABT
Building Services Engineer: Marcq & Roba
Acoustic Consultant: Kirkegaard Associates
Cost Manager & Executive Architect: Bureau Bouwtechniek
Area: 28,000 sq m
Completion: 2016
Status: Planning (Approved)
Client: Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp and The Royal Flemish Philharmonic

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