Renzo Piano designs Plaza District for San Ramon City Center

Plaza District

Plaza DistrictThe developers of the Bishop Ranch business park unveiled in this days a fresh approach to creating a new downtown for San Ramon, saying it will be a complex that features restaurants, a plaza, retail and entertainment in an open setting that goes beyond a shopping mall. Architect Renzo Piano will undertake the design a 350,000 square foot retail center, which is being called the Plaza District in the city of San Francisco, after the success of the California Academy of Sciences was commissioned another job in the Bay Area, Plaza District for the development of a new neighborhood in the city of San Ramon.
Plaza DistrictRenzo Piano himself has stated that “The project is entirely designed around a generous square surrounded by six buildings of various sizes placed in direct relation with the square so that each of them contributes to animate it.” All of the pavilions have a direct relationship to the square and each of them contributes to animate it.” The project will be a sort of “social incubator” within the community, characterized by functional mix and neighborhood facilities such as an outdoor theater, several restaurants, shops and community services will be merged into a series of “squares windows “covered by green roofs.

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