Rockwell Hotel Tower by Thomas Leeser

Rockwell Hotel Tower

Rockwell Hotel TowerRising high above the Barclays Center and emerging cultural precinct, the 200-room Rockwell Hotel Tower will accommodate the growing number of visitors flocking to Brooklyn providing them with a unique hotel experience in the heart of Brooklyn’s new cultural center.
Rockwell Hotel TowerThe 30-story hotel, made of white fritted glass and metal, will feature dramatic asymmetrical fractures in the façade reinforcing a notion of Brooklyn as ‘multi-faceted’ and ‘modern’. The design incorporates a rooftop bar, swimming pool, banquet hall and a ground floor restaurant which will overlook an outdoor arts plaza. Source: Thomas Leeser
Rockwell Hotel TowerInside, the theme will be that of a “lifestyle boutique,” but it will have a yet-to-be-named “major franchise” behind it. The rooms, by interior design firm Wilson & Associates, will be your standard sizes, but there will also be a section of smaller suites.

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