Digital cloud by Arch Group

Digital cloud

Digital cloudThe concept involves the use of Hyper-Matrix technology inside the pavilion. Pavilion reflects the coexistence of active virtual Internet space with real space, as reflected through the installation of a continuous cloud of small cubic elements covering the entire plot.
Digital cloudThese elements symbolize presence around us huge flow of information, filling the space around us. Feed air permeates the lighted elements, getting thicker in the center area by combining into larger particles, and ultimately forming a central volume of the pavilion having a rectangular shape.
Digital cloudThe dynamic programmable backlight, glowing in the evening, creates the effect of the flow of data in the cloud.
Digital cloudVisitor access to the area, immersed in a luminous cloud of information and moves it towards the pavilion, which also lights up inside.
Digital cloudFunctional space of the pavilion are rectangular volumes, which seemed to cling to the main volume from different angles. In general parallelepipedic cloud height of about 10 meters.
Digital cloudInside the pavilion Hyper-Matrix wall may have additional programmable backlight of each cube that will greatly enhance the effect of this technology. Also video projection can be used. Source by Arch Group.
Digital cloudLocation: Sochi, Russia
Architects: Arch Group
Architect In Charge: Mikhail Krymov, Alexey Goryainov
Year: 2014
Digital cloud Digital cloud Digital cloud Digital cloud

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