Hub Créatic by Tetrarc Architects

Hub Creatic

Hub Creatic
Photo © Stéphane Chalmeau

During 2014, the Créatic hub, located at the Chantrerie facilities to the north of Nantes, is set to offer 6,600 m2 of modular space to companies in the information and communications technology sectors.
Hub CreaticFostering discussion between companies and higher education institutions, the Créatic hub will boost economic vibrancy at both metropolitan and regional level.
Hub CreaticThe project will meet the new ICT companies’ needs in terms of facilities, regardless of what stage of development they are at: incubators and company hotels.
Hub CreaticThe purpose of the building is to bolster synergies and collaborations between nearby research laboratories and top engineering schools, and local and regional ICT companies.
Hub Creatic“The Tetrarc agency has put its name to the Hub Créatic in Nantes, a building dedicated to young companies developing new digital applications.
Hub CreaticBehind its lively yellow walls, the building assembles seventy of these start-ups businesses.
Hub CreaticIt has affirmed their presence in the town and offers them a scalable work space at a reduced rent where they can finalise their creations, live out the first moments of their existence and recognise their early development.
Hub CreaticIt gathers them around a vast swirling atrium, a spatial design favourable to communication and the synergy of projects. Here architecture and innovation work in harmony” says the atchitects.
Hub CreaticThe bee hive-inspired building will feature four floors will house approximately 80 ICT companies will be able to take up residence in the building.
Hub CreaticLocation: Nantes, France
Architects: Tetrarc Architects
Project Manager: Alain Boëffard
Project Director: Patrick Moreuil
Project Team: Patrick Moreuil, Marc-Antoine Bouyer, Hervé Martin
Construction Site Architect: Marc-Antoine Bouyer
Structure: CERT
Fluid and Heq: ELITHIS
Economist: CMB
Landscape: PHYTOLAB
Acoustics: SERDB
Area: 6,520 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau

Hub Creatic
Photo © Stéphane Chalmeau

Hub Creatic Hub Creatic Hub Creatic

Hub Creatic
Photo © Stéphane Chalmeau

Hub Creatic Hub Creatic Hub Creatic Hub Creatic Hub Creatic

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