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Infoversum Groningen

Infoversum GroningenThe Infoversum is now open to the general public offering an attractive collection of 2D and 3D movies and exhibitions. The building will rise on a designated plot in the CIBOGA-area, close to Groningen city center. The Infoversum will be the first full dome digital theater in the Netherlands.
Infoversum GroningenThe building will offer unique opportunities for international and ‘home’ productions, made with state of the art ICT technology. Not only will the Infoversum be a cultural attraction in the city of Groningen, but it will also serve as a scientific expertise center in the Netherlands and worldwide.
Infoversum GroningenScience, arts and business will merge smoothly with each other in the Infoversum. The audience willnot just watch, but also experience and discover. The Infoversum was realized with the collaboration of the University of Groningen, Target, Target Holding, the municipality of Groningen and GasTerra. Rabobank is also cooperating in the project.
Infoversum GroningenThe dome theater will have 265 seats. Additionally, an entrée, pre-show area and foyer will facilitate a number of exhibitions and expositions. The total area of the Infoversum will be approximately 1350 square meters. When planned, the Infoversum expected to have about 200.000 visitors a year.
Infoversum GroningenThe dome is the basis for the design; the heart of the building and carrier of the dynamic. Analysis into size and slope of the projection dome proved to be a constant test for the organisation and perception of the building. Through intensive collaboration, the schedule, design, and technology have been integrally applied up to the highest optimisation of the possibilities.
Infoversum GroningenWith as a last check, a 3D walkthrough through the building in the visualisation centre. This has yielded a state-of-the-art, innovative, trendsetting, and inspiring Infoverse. The dome is the centre, the metal eyeball, of the design.
Infoversum GroningenThe Corten steel eye socket (shell) envelops the dome. The shell and the dome do not touch. The openings allow the light to meander through the space. The shell rejuvenates the front and provides an opening for the entrance to the Infoverse.
Infoversum GroningenWe enter the Infowave, a digital presentation room. A visual experience room. Via a ramp, we access the Infodome, located at a higher level. It is a digital theatre for optimal crossing-border activities. The Infodome provides access to the lobby. The lobby is a three-way intersection leading to the exit, the ramp down, and the Inforoof.
Infoversum GroningenThe Inforoof is a second ground level for outdoor events. Via the ramp, you can leave the Infoverse or enter the lobby. As such, movement (routing) has been optimised.
Infoversum GroningenLocation: Groningen, The Netherlands
Architect: Archiview
Structural designer: Ab Nanninga / Ingenieursbureau Wassenaar
Building expert: Bouwkundig adviesburo van der Plas
Installation expert: adviesbureau VanderWeele
Building contractor: Centraalstaal Groningen, Rottinghuis aannemingsbedrijf
Installer: Homij
Year: 2014
Infoversum Groningen Infoversum Groningen Infoversum Groningen Infoversum Groningen Infoversum Groningen Infoversum Groningen Infoversum Groningen

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