Natural Science Museum in Berlin by SO/AP Architectes

Natural Science Museum

Natural Science MuseumWith information and communications technology syteme (ICT), simultaneous invention of museums without collections and virtual museums confirms the deletion of admitted institutional boundaries.
Natural Science MuseumFaced with this dissolution and multiplication of these unexpected avatars, the question today seems to be:  what architectural model will be offer for Museums of the future? In its architectural form, this project is inspired by a paradoxical perception of history: infinity aspect by circular plan, finiteness aspect by symbolic representation of the geological stratum read in the section.
Natural Science MuseumIt is three rings that are separated or merged, forming a spiral building that hesitates between sink or jump out of the ground. From the city, the museum presents a glass ring caught between two concrete rings. It’s the consequence of internal organization of programs.
Natural Science MuseumConcrete ring include exhibition area requiring control of natural light. Looking on the city, glazed ring include specially administration and library/bookstore.  The museum entrance is a plaza sinking into the ground.
Natural Science MuseumIt is a space of contemplation marking the boundary between the ephemeral city and the universality of history.  Inside radius of the rings include the main museum circulation. It is a spiral ramp used to navigate between the various programs.
Natural Science MuseumIt offers a playful and architectural progress on the natural history museum and the city. The ramp is making a circular distance of about 2000m.  That’s why it’s treatment in considered as a street that can be cover in seegway.
Natural Science MuseumEquipped with a camera and ipad using augmented reality, the seegway becomes an interactive element with the staging of the museum. Covered by foot or by seegway, it is offering different perceptions of time in the museum.
Natural Science MuseumThe arrangement of exhibition area is based on the usual pattern of reserve organization. Near storage area we have heavy or usual collection. Far from storage we have lightweight and little used collection.
Natural Science MuseumThis arrangement comes with a specific treatment related to digital scenography.  In the basement, the reserve and a datacenter for the preservation of knowledge. The first ring include the digital with interactive terminals fixed to the floor, digital is still anchoring to the structure/ground. In the second ring, the digital is separate from the floor and begins to act with objects.
Natural Science MuseumVisitors can interact with collection by using tablets or their mobile. In the third ring, digital and collection are mixed to interactin a way of learning and creation process. It’s a flexible space for experimentation where each visitors is building the staging organization. Source by  SO/AP Architectes.
Natural Science MuseumLocation: Berlin, Germany
Architects: SO/AP Architectes
Architect In Charge: Quentin Duvillier &  Adrien Piebourg
Area: 27,300 m2
Year: 2014
Images: SO/AP Architectes
Natural Science Museum Natural Science Museum Natural Science Museum Natural Science Museum Natural Science Museum

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