Adana Building Services by Emre Arslan, Zack Lababidi

Building Services

Building ServicesThe project area Adana-Mersin (D-400) on the highway, north of the town and trade of memory representing the cultural heritage as a registered and now the Archaeological Museum and the social and cultural facility space converted begun to National Textile Factory is located.
Building ServicesProject area, as well as their air space, its proximity to the bus station and the port of the region’s urban gravitational field shows that have the potential to create. Service building designed in the program of the conference hall, training and exhibition units, commercial and social center and museum is an important part of the social fabric that has been targeted.
Building ServicesSo do not just trade but also for the center, around the well is intended to serve. Architectural building block west under the program; In general, members consist of processing units and service units. Eastern building block; ATO includes the corporate units and management units.
Building ServicesThese two building blocks, connected together by bridges at upper elevations functional continuity is provided. The solution to all office units in the interior with natural light, natural, healthy and comfortable working environment by providing benefit without air conditioning are designed.
Building ServicesWhen organizations use of natural light to the interior is taken into consideration. Offices east, west and south facades and is positioned facing the inner courtyard. With natural light and natural air-conditioning contributes to the building’s operating costs.
Building ServicesModular office building with divisions for different functions offers flexible design possibilities. Adana is an important part of the cotton trade and social life. Considering the importance of cotton to the island, the structure of the main elements of the facade of the structure of the Grid has been associated with the blossoming cotton plant.
Building ServicesFormed at the front openings of different sizes, and occupancy and daylight modular structure into a more balanced and provide different points are taken from. Facades facing the interior courtyard of the building blocks, than the exterior has been designed using a quiet and simple language. Two blocks from the top level are connected with roofing.
Building ServicesWith this roof and in summer sunlight, breaking the inner courtyard and the courtyard facades of the buildings to be provided to both the inner courtyard from the effects of adverse weather in the winter months has been affected. Assembly hall outside its own particular spatial differentiation of the main structure as the material is in a form that is separated from the main mass.
Building ServicesAs the location of the north wall of the assembly hall in the old hosiery factory orientation, and the main mass of material surrounding the use of metal strips corte commercial history of the region is a reference to nature. Courtesy of Emre Arslan
Building ServicesLocation: Adana, Turkey
Architect: GOOA
Project Team: Emre Arslan,Zack Lababidi
Area: 34.997 sq.m.
Year: 2014

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