Fusionner 3.0 The air house by Kotaro Horiuchi

Fusionner 3_0

Fusionner 3_0Exhibition Kotaro Horiuchi 2014 “Fusionner 3.0”
From the 7th of May to the 10th of June 2014 there were the exhibit of Kotaro Horiuchi’s project called « Fusionner 3.0 » 2014 at Shukutoku University of Aichi’s gallery. Fusionner
« Fusionner » comes from a French word meaning « to merge ».
Fusionner 3_0The architecture merge in the town just like renovations merge into inside space. Everything happens without imposing in the place. The most important thing is the inside of those places, the content with someone, or should we say, a group of people who will be actors of the activities that will take place in that space.
Fusionner 3_0To emphasise on those activities, the existence of architectural place or a place, which evolve smoothly, is necessary. The air house
Thin and pure white layers of papers are floating fluidly in the air.
Fusionner 3_0At the front, there is a small entrance shaped like a gable roof. When you go inside by making your body smaller, you can slowly notice a silhouette of a house, which seems to change its size continuously.
Fusionner 3_0A space like a hideout spreads. As you come closer to the back, the silhouette of gable roof gets smaller and smaller to finally end as a small window. You can experience the air spreading in it and discover models hidden between the papers.
Fusionner 3_0You can gather, discuss, enjoy the moment and even lie down. You will feel by chance what is happening outside of the « Air House » by communicating through the windows and cracks of the house.
Fusionner 3_0Location: Nagakute, Aichi, Japan (Aichi Shukutoku University)
Design: Kotaro Horiuchi / KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC.
Shohei Nishishita / KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC. O.D.
Construction: KHA – Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC. + 25 students from Aichi Shukutoku University + 5 students from Meijyo University
Surface: 50m2
Completion date: 7th May 2014
Photographs: Kotaro Horiuchi, Chihiro Fujii

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