Go-ahead the Glass Bridge by Thomas Heatherwick

Glass Bridge

Glass BridgeLocated near King’s Cross in London, the project was originally put forward in 2012 but cancelled due to economic reasons.
Glass BridgeNow the project of the bridge is going ahead again, and will work as a pedestrian link across the regent’s canal connecting goods way to granary square.
Glass BridgeIn the original project the bridge was 16 meter long, 4.5 meter wide, and it was made of 1334 glass sheets of 12mm thick structurally compressed so that the layered material functions as a structural beam.
Glass BridgeThe glass sheets are built without mechanical fixings in metal so that the bridge has a minimalist design, that maybe won’t be preserved in the realization.
Glass BridgeLocation: London, UK
Architect: Thomas Heatherwick
Year project: 2012
Start project: 2014

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