HASSELL wins Bao’an urban design competition

Bao an urban design

Bao an urban designA consortium comprising the Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen, the Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School and HASSELL has won first place in an international competition for the conceptual urban design of the Bao’an West Dynamic Coastal Zone in China.
Bao an urban designBao’an is one of the largest districts of the Chinese city of Shenzhen. The winning concept aims to transform the west coast and turn it into the prime area of coastal economic development in Shenzhen with the plan “Bay Area Haicheng”.
Bao an urban designIt will help Bao’an revitalise its maritime economy, coastal life and maritime culture, establishing a sustainable bay city model centred around people and the ocean. The competition was organised by the Shenzhen Bao’an District government together with the Urban Planning Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.
Bao an urban designThe judging panel comprised nine experts in urban planning and design, architectural design and environmental design. After four rounds of open voting, HASSELL and the consortium won the completion.

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