Helena Street 265 by Saraiva + Associados

Helena Street 265

Helena Street 265Saraiva + Associados presents Helena Street 265, an office building with 5 floors above the ground, located in Helena Street, Vila Olimpia, a courtyard of São Paulo, Brazil. Simplicity and strait lines are the architectural concepts behind this building. On its base a glass coated floor conveys lightness to the whole.
Helena Street 265The volume will be coated on all its height with aluminum studs spaced apart in order to let the natural light inside the office. The monotony of the façade is broken through the service stairs, that circumvents the building, “ripping” the entire volume.
Helena Street 265This element gives an identity to the building, combining an integrated technical and functional solution on the aesthetics of the set. The Helena Street 265 project aims to become an architectural reference in the urban environment to which it is intended.
Helena Street 265Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Architect: Saraiva + Associados
Area: 1.052,92 sqm
Year: 2014
Stage: Preliminary Design
Client: Bayard Administradora
Helena Street 265 Helena Street 265 Helena Street 265

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