The Jeu de Paume Art Center by Clara Veci

The Jeu de Paume

The Jeu de PaumeThe Jeu de Paume is an art center dedicated to the diffusion of the image of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries (photography, cinema, video art, installation…).
The Jeu de PaumeIt responds to the Jeu de Paume increasing need for space to host its education activities: film projections, seminars, conferences, workshops.
The Jeu de PaumeThe existing Jeu de Paume building, in the core of the historical Paris, is located in the Tuileries Garden in Jeu de Paume.
The Jeu de PaumeThis garden belongs to the symmetrical urban axis which starts with the Pyramid of the Louvre museum, grows with the Champs Elysées and finishes at the Arc of La Defense, beyond Paris limits.
The Jeu de PaumeThe proposal takes advantage of the dissymmetry between the Jeu de Paume and its partner, the Orangerie museum, this later one is 20 meters longer.
The Jeu de PaumeThe strategy of the project is to build only a cube, which would correct the symmetry and would act as the main atrium, connecting the existing exhibition space with its extension.
The Jeu de PaumeAnd at the same time, to open a whole new façade that connects to the park main level, in front of the main fountain.
The Jeu de PaumeThe inside of this extension is organized around a series of open patios that structure the new program.
The Jeu de PaumeThe center includes two new exhibition rooms, a conference hall, a public library on photography and visual media, flexible workshop rooms, artist ateliers , a restaurant, a café and administrative offices.
The Jeu de PaumeWhen the sun goes down, the building lights, participating in the night game of the lights of Paris. The cube becomes a box of light. The patios emanate the brilliance of what happens inside this hidden extension. Source by Clara Veci.
The Jeu de Paume The Jeu de Paume The Jeu de Paume The Jeu de Paume The Jeu de Paume The Jeu de Paume The Jeu de Paume

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