Musée du Léman by Fruehauf Henry & Viladoms

Musee du Leman

Musee du LemanPerched on a hill, the old town of Nyon has a distinctive topography. A series of walls and retaining walls in the structure periphery by setting trays, lookouts and pathways. The project for the expansion of the Musée du Léman is based on this device to insert themselves in a history marked by an environment millennium.
Musee du LemanThe entire program is “slips” under the surface of the ground between the parks du Bourg-de-shore and Bois Fleuri. It creates a headland park by developing and offering a new perspective on Lake Geneva. A new wall, evoking the historic city walls, in the profile shape. Seen from the historic center, this public building of importance is so quiet as from  lake, said his presence and time.
Musee du LemanIs expressed as a sign of the distance. The approach vis-à-vis the existing clear. The historic main building offers a great heritage is preserved and enhanced by the realization of the extension of the Museum of Genevait creates the background. Speaking from a contemporary building, is played on a contrast with the legacy of the past.
Musee du LemanLocation: Nyon, Switzrerland
Architects: Fruehauf Henry & Viladoms
Project Team: Claudius Fruehauf, Guillaume Henry, Carlos Viladoms, Cindy Barraud, Rémy Cottin, Allegra Morgpurgo, Miquel Rodriguez
Engineering: INGPHI SA, Philippe Ménetrey
Year: 2014
Client: Fondation pour le Musée du Léman
Musee du Leman Musee du Leman Musee du Leman

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