The National Gallery & Ludwig Museum by Eduardo Lopez Architects

National Gallery

National GalleryFor the concept of this museum, we asked ourselves whether we were capable of building something while maintaining the utmost respect for the natural surroundings We thought that a good way to start might be to adapt the volumetric line of the building to existing  forest, leaving the plantation to choose  the way it would be experienced.
National GalleryThe building is generated by two direct decisions that correspond to two specific problems. First search for museum landscape, the most spacious resistant structure that can sustain as little as possible in the field to save the plant areas and do the least possible damage to the ground.
Once inside this fabulous landscape, we want to make the most of its features and open up to the maximum influence of its geometric, light and spatial conditions. From this perspective, the envelopment of the museum has gradually transformed its glass and metal skins according to the proximity of the  trees, their ability to provide shade, their presence and the type of program in each specialized finger.
National GallerySo in order to bring all the rooms into direct, intimate contact with the exterior, the skins that define the broken volume have etched transparencies, opacities or screenprints  with differing  densities on its components, the influence of the forest on this strange object that  has  invaded  the tranquility of its territory. These components are configured as bitten in the building creating an irregular pattern cutting facade.
National GalleryThe exhibition spaces are organized around a central atrium where a system of glass elevators and electric stair connect the galleries concentrically on three levels. A sculptural  roof form, reminiscent of a ¨Metallic Flower¨, rises from the Central Atrium flooding it with light from glazed roof openings. The Central Atrium´s scale at a height of more than 25m is an invitation to monumental site specific installations and special Museum events. Courtesy by Eduardo López.
National GalleryLocation: Budapest, Hungary
Architects: Eduardo Lopez Architects (ELA)
Project Director: Eduardo López
Surface: 50.000 m2
Year: 2014
Status: Competition
Images: Eduardo López
National Gallery National Gallery National Gallery National Gallery

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