Paul & Henri Carnal Hall by Bernard Tschumi

Carnal Hall

Carnal HallCarnal Hall, the new concert venue and center for art and culture at Le Rosey, the prestigious Swiss boarding school, will open in an inaugural performance on October 2, 2014, in Rolle.
Carnal HallTschumi’s design for the project consists of a low stainless steel dome over a rectangular wood concert hall and is a strikingly contemporary addition to the historical campus.
Carnal HallFrom the air the dome appears as a distinctive object, but at ground level its gentle curvature fits into the landscape. In plan, its shape recalls a rose or rosette—a fitting allusion for Le Rosey.
Carnal HallThe reflective metal combines with the lush trees of the campus landscape to marry existing nature to the new facade, further complimenting the existing campus architecture.
Carnal HallThe dome’s interior reads as a large space with a simple support system that allows for easy distribution of all programs. Natural light penetrates laterally to all areas that require an outside view.
Carnal HallWherever allowed by the program, the bulkheads are made out of transparent, translucent, or opaque glass in order to facilitate vision and transparency of the center’s activities.
Carnal HallRooms that rest on the ground, including the conference rooms and performance areas, are made out of wood. Hence, the concept is realized through three main materials—metal, glass, and wood.
Carnal HallCulture is the great 900-1000-seater hall designed for conferences, theatre, musicals, concerts and anything else which can nourish students’ cultural appetite.
Carnal HallAt the centre of the Paul and Henri Carnal Hall will be the Learning Centre which will provide students with a workspace outside the walls of their traditional classroom, and where they will be able to undertake personal research and work in groups.
Carnal HallLocation: Rolle, Switzerland
Architect: Bernard Tschumi
Lead Designer: Bernard Tschumi. Key Personnel: Kate Scott, Joel Rutten, Jocelyn Froimovich, Christopher Lee, Kim Starr, W.Y. Frank Chen, Athanasios Manis, Ciro Miguel, Colin Spoelman, John Eastridge, V. Mitch McEwen, Taylor Burgess, Alexa Tsien-Shiang, Clinton Peterson, Paul-Arthur Heller, Bart-Jan Polman, Emmanuel Desmazières, Jerome Haferd, Sheena Garcia.
Associate Archtiects: Fehlmann Architectes : Serge Feholmann, Nicolas Engel, Véronique Sphar, Anna Drygajlo
Area: 8000 m2 (approximate)
Competition: 2009
Year: 2014
Client: Le Rosey School
Photographs: Courtesy of Le Rosey
Carnal Hall Carnal Hall Carnal Hall Carnal Hall Carnal Hall Carnal Hall Carnal Hall Carnal Hall

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