Porter School by Geotectura, Chen Architects and Axelrod Grobman Architects

Porter School

Porter SchoolThe PSES Building – the green new home of the Porter School of Environmental Studies (PSES) – was designed to deliver Israel’s first LEED Platinum certified building. Incorporating advanced environmental technologies for energy and water efficiency, it will be the first green building on the Tel Aviv University campus.
Porter SchoolThe PSES Building will incorporate classrooms; halls; offices; an atrium offering open space for exhibitions; an auditorium; a garden with constructed biological wetlands to treat and recycle greywater; a green roof; and a cafeteria.
Porter SchoolThe pleasant, inviting internal spaces will function as meeting places for students and researchers, as well as government officials, industry representatives and members of environmental organizations, involved in the school’s activities.
Porter SchoolIn addition to its academic functions as home of the Porter School, the PSES Building will be accessible to the public and offer a broad educational platform, addressing varied aspects of green building and environmental research.
Porter SchoolVisitors will be introduced to the operation of the environmental systems installed in the PSES Building, including solar and thermal energy based air conditioning, advanced bioclimatic (‘passive planning’) technologies, and measurement & control systems. Porter SchoolEnvironmental displays along the Science Promenade, stretching between the building and the university train station, will serve as a prelude to the tour of the building itself.
Porter SchoolThe Porter School of Environmental Studies (PSES) Building was intended by design and functionality to be a unique ‘living laboratory’: a publically accessible educational platform for green building and environmental research, exposing users and visitors to the advanced environmental technologies installed in it.
Porter SchoolMore than a mere home for the school’s activities, the PSES Building features a large auditorium and a spacious atrium as a central space for meetings and exhibitions, in addition to its classrooms, lecture halls, researcher offices, meeting rooms and offices.
Porter SchoolThe building incorporates unique architectural elements such as the EcoWall and the Capsule in its southern façade. This front, facing the Ayalon Highway, is an exposure of the building to passersby, and can serve as an educational and communicational tool.
Porter SchoolThe environmental systems and elements in the building include a solar energy based air conditioning system, a greywater purification system of biological basins and a green roof. Green products and advanced environmental technologies were used in each of the components of the building, from building materials through to type of installed lighting.
Porter SchoolThe PSES Building is connected to the nearby train station via the Science Promenade, a pleasant and safe walking and biking path along the slope, with teaching exhibitions on environmental issues stationed on its route.
Porter SchoolA laboratories building dedicated to environmental research and technologies is planned for construction adjacent to the PSES Building, on the cliff front underneath the promenade. Source by architects.
Porter SchoolLocation: Tel Aviv University, Israel
Architects: Geotectura, Chen Architects, Axelrod Grobman Architects
Architect In Charge: Joseph Cory, Yasha Grobman, Nir Chen
Management: The Baran Group LTD
Structural Engineer: Avivi Axelrod LTD, Gabi Trachtenberg
Landscape: Braudo-Maoz Ltd
Air Condition: Assa Aharoni Consulting Engineers
Electricity: Semo
Utilities: Nash Engineers
Safety: Hazmat
Elevators: Auberman Niv
Foundations: Blank Lerer
Ground Survey: Ludan Engineering
Acoustics: Vix
Costs: Kobi Gamzo
Contractor: Shitufit LTD
Lighting: Research & EcoDesign, Ever Vital
Area: 3800.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Shai Epstein
Porter School Porter School Porter School Porter School Porter School Porter School


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