Renovation of an office complex by Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte

office complex

office complexIn 2011, the SFL group, owner of the building complex in the heart of the Bourse district entrusted Philippe Chiambaretta/PCA with the design and development of an ambitious restructuring project for office space in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, rue Richelieu.
office complexConsisting of three buildings, the Richelieu cluster has undergone a major redevelopment to create a high-end business center around flexible and modern platforms equipped with prestige services.
office complexThe proposed project from PCA is one of the first buildings in France to aim for triple HQE/BREEAM/ LEED certification for sustainability.
office complexIt aims to reinterpret the initial writing of the 1950s standards and thus to recover the main features of the original building established by the rhythm of the vertical frame and the horizontal superposition. Source by Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte.
office complexLocation: Paris, France
Architects: Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte (PCA)
Area: 33,200 sqm
Budget: 100 M€ (excluding taxes)
Completion: 2015
Progress: under construction
Client: Société Foncière Lyonnaise
office complex office complex office complex office complex

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