Residential Tower in Antwerp by C.F. Møller Architects

Residential Tower in Antwerp

Residential Tower in AntwerpC.F. Møller Architects and Brut have won the competition for a new residential and mix-use tower in the Nieuw Zuid area in Antwerp, with a proposal that redefines the residential high-rise as a vertical social community. The architectural idea of the building is derived from an inside-out perspective, where the social qualities of the building are a dominant driver for the design.
Residential Tower in AntwerpThe proposal contains a large selection of apartments reaching out to a diverse group of inhabitants, from small types suitable for student co-housing to larger family and live-work types, all grouped into vertical mini-communities. The development plan for Nieuw Zuid, a new urban area close to the river Schelde south of the historic centre of Antwerp, defined the outline and height of the tower.
Residential Tower in AntwerpThe 24 storey, 15.000 m2 complex with 116 homes, shops, offices and collective spaces is thus augmented by an extra 5.000 m2 in the form of balconies, glass winter gardens and roof terraces, adding extra living qualities and mediating the scale of the building between the urban and the human scale. The result is a light grid enveloping the volume, structuring the facades and connecting the vertical mini-communities – every visible compartment represents a cluster of similar apartments opening towards the balcony spaces.
Residential Tower in AntwerpAt the end gables of the tower, the grid forms glass-enclosed winter gardens serving as green semi-outdoor living spaces, and the common spaces for all residents include a bike-repair and dining room at the foot of the tower, a shared 5th floor facility with a landscaped roof terrace for residents and office-workers alike, and a triple-height green oasis at the top with spectacular views over Antwerp and the river Schelde.
Residential Tower in AntwerpThe building will be made of pleasant and durable materials; predominantly warm grey-brown brick contrasted by white concrete, and is designed to achieve the passive-house standard, thus altogether omitting the need for a central heating system. Great care is taken to mitigate the possible negative effects that tall buildings can have on the local microclimate, and to ensure a positive contribution at street level.
Residential Tower in AntwerpThe design enables a new form of collective living in tall buildings, and makes its inner dynamics and diversity visible in the facades without sacrificing the overall expression. (.) The grid structure results in a slender and elegant architecture. The way the grid is subdivided and defines the smaller communities is fascinating.”
Residential Tower in AntwerpThe client is SAZ (Stadsontwikkeling Antwerpen Zuid), and the team behind the winning design consists of C.F. Møller Architects and Brut, in collaboration with ABT, Deerns Technieken and Peritas EPB. Source by C.F. Møller.
Residential Tower in AntwerpLocation: Nieuw Zuid area, Antwerp, Belgium
Architects: C.F. Møller and Brut
Year: 2014
Images: C.F. Møller & Brut
Residential Tower in Antwerp Residential Tower in Antwerp Residential Tower in Antwerp

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