Swimarium 3D BY OVA Studio


SwimariumThe Swimarium™ is a concept whereby advanced 3D image technology is displayed on the bottom, side and roof of a swimming pool, thereby creating a 360 degree immersive experience for the user.
SwimariumScreens display real time films of ocean sceneries around the world at the click of a remote control. Cameras are placed in various locations around the world filming both underwater and over water and the feed channeled to subscription users.
SwimariumIn consequence one can choose a Great Barrier Reef environment or change to a Caribbean environment as easily as one changes channel on a TV screen. The 3D perception is provided through ad hoc swimming goggles.
Swimarium In addition hydrophones and speakers will convey the sounds emanating from the various environments and oceanic odors will be diffused thus providing a 4th and 5th dimension for the senses.
SwimariumThe beauty of the oceans is thus communicated in the hope of a better understanding and ultimately for a better nurturing of this precious resource. Organic environments and structures were the source of our inspiration for the form generation; it is reminiscent of the complex lattices formed by soap bubbles or the shells of turtles.
SwimariumThe polyhydric shape of the pool and that of its covering dome permit the creation of a 360 degree environment. Beside the swimming pool we have integrated a viewing room with bar (below grade) that allow users to enjoy the scenery without having to dip in the water.
SwimariumThis space can serve as a cool venue for various functions. Massage and changing rooms are adjacent to this space. An outdoor bar, a Jacuzzi and sundecks are provided for the enjoyment of users.
SwimariumThe sides and the bottom of the swimming pool are lined with LED screens, while the dome utilises EPD technology combined with controllable opacity allowing for transparency or opacity depending on the user mode.
SwimariumThe dome itself is composed of an aerogel sandwiched between glass panels, providing un-matched insulating properties as well as transparency. The dome is roofed with transparent solar panels that will provide in excess of 50kW/h or electricity, nearly enough to power all the environmental systems of the Swimarium.
SwimariumSwimarium™ is a next generation dream an immersive environment dependent on advanced technologies that today may seem farfetched but tomorrow may prove realistic. Come on, the water’s fine.
SwimariumArchitects: OVA Studio
Director: Slimane Ouahès , Christophe Barthelemy (Architect DPLG)
Architect Assistants: Alice NG , Stephanie Mendoza
Year: 2014
Credit and Copyright: 2014 OVA Studio
Swimarium Swimarium Swimarium Swimarium Swimarium Swimarium Swimarium

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