Trifolium digital pavilion by AR-MA


TrifoliumTrifolium uses advanced computer design to fulfil a conceptual brief – developed by Dr Gene Sherman (Executive Director, SCAF) in partnership with BVN Donovan Hill – of a built structure that uses the most progressive technology currently available.
TrifoliumThe Fugitive Structures concept references London’s Serpentine Gallery’s highly successful Architectural Pavilion series in Kensington Gardens. Trifolium features a thermally formed and robotically trimmed Corian exterior envelope with 152 laser-cut cylindrical, black mirror-polished interior panels, each connected by digitally fabricated fixings.
TrifoliumThe futuristic pavilion has the flexibility to be a meeting place, an auditorium or a stage for the Foundation’s many events. This pavilion allows us to conduct a series of experiments on a small structure. In particular, we’re interested in the interior and in constructing an affective relationship between it and the participants as well as the exterior.
TrifoliumWe designed the interior first and foremost. It’s not that everything else is an afterthought or a necessity, but the interior drives the whole project. Robert Beson, Director, AR-MA (2014).
TrifoliumAR-MA has worked with some of the leading artists and architects within Australia and internationally, including ARUP, Grimshaw Architects, Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, CHROFI, Aspect Architecture, Richard Goodwin, Terroir, Neeson Murcutt Architects and DRAW.  Source by AR-MA.
TrifoliumLocation: Sydney, Australia
Architects: AR-MA (Architectural Research – Material Applications)
Project Team: Robert Beson, Gabriele Ulacco, Tony Ho, Guido Maciocci, Nono Martinez Alonso, Simon Vorhammer
Fabrication: Terry Tisdale, OX Engineering
Structure: Alex Edwards, ARUP
Lighting: Tim Carr, ARUP
Planning: URBIS
Landscaping: 360 degree
Area: 60 sqm
Design: June 2013 – December 2013
Fabrication and Installation: January 2014 – March 2014
Trifolium Trifolium Trifolium Trifolium Trifolium Trifolium

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