World Social Center by Philippe Barriere Collective

World Social Center

World Social CenterInitiated by the foundation Symboles, the project is situated at the intersection of two main axes in central Tunis. The project includes the redesign of the Square of 14 Janvier and its surroundings as well as the construction of the World Social Center (WSC) Tower.
World Social CenterThis project reflects the political will to express the ideological and social changes brought about by the Tunisian revolution that took place between December and January 2011.
World Social CenterAs an unprecedented project in the Arab world, the complex proposes a new vision for public space in the heart of the Tunisian capital by creating different types of civic space that are associated with multiple democratic practices.
World Social CenterFor example: the People’s Agora at the center of the Square of 14 Janvier, renamed as the « Square of the People »; the Promenade of the People, with fountains dedicated to the martyrs of the revolution; the Garden of Liberty and the Garden of Delights; and the WSC tower which is houses spaces dedicated to social, economic, and artistic innovation.
World Social CenterThe project’s design process reflects and embodies the hopes and possibilities brought about by the revolution as well as their social, economic, cultural, artistic, architectural, and urban implications.
World Social CenterThe studies were carried out by the Philippe Barriere Collective (PB+Co) with the local architectural firm Studio 3, and the engineering firm MB&Co. The project began in May 2012 and was abandoned in the spring of 2013 due to the political and economic degradation of the country.
World Social CenterLocation: Square of 14 Janvier, Tunis, Tunisia
Architects: Philippe Barriere Collective
Project Team: Philippe Barriere with Matthew R. Pauly, Hughes St Hilaire, Nicolas Wojcik, Charles Gretas, Yoann Plourde, Ottavy Thibault, Jonathan Lajchter, Samuel Pouliot, Sébastien Lequeux, Catherine Bouchard, Alexandre Hamlyn, Emmanuelle Cardu Gobeille, Maher Bellaj
Local Architects: Studio 3
Project Managers: Philippe Barriere, Maher Bellaj (Philippe Barriere Collective) – Adnen Ben Tanfous (Studio 3), Tunis – Michel Bertrand (MB&Co)
Structural Engineer: Pascal Pierre, Michel Bertrand
Building Cost Engineer: MB&Co, Paris
Local Engineer: Tarek Gorbel
Renderings: LMM, Mathieu Grenier Digital Artist
Graphic Designer: Wiklo, Mohamed Souheil
Landscape Architects: Philippe Barriere, Sébastien Lequeux
Project Area: 78 000m²
Project dates: Studies began in May 2012
World Social Center World Social Center World Social Center

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