Yalikavak Palmarina by Emre Arolat Architects

Yalikavak Palmarina

Yalikavak PalmarinaYalikavak Palmarina is located at Yalikavak andwas one of the silent and untouched bays of Bodrum Peninsula until yesterday. The new investor decided to blow down all the buildings constructed by the previous owner and to renew the marina by furnishing it with various facilities.
Yalikavak PalmarinaYalikavak Palmarina now is a tourist village the part of the “island” of Yalikavak Marina, which is the first phase of the complex, plans to accommodate retail, restaurants, beach-club swimming pool, a new arrangement , provides the anchorage of mega yatches and additional service buildings.
Yalikavak PalmarinaIn the second and third phases of the complex, shops, are designed along the shore of the marina, continuing the Mediterranean aura with large shady overhangs, creating a continuous path, which sometimes turns into a colonnade next to the shops that are designed in several layers overlapping each other in order to keep the scale of the building.
Yalikavak PalmarinaThe complex also includes a hotel, shops, offices, a spa and fitness center, warehouses and a shipyard for winter maintenance. What is striking is that it is not the usual tourist complex, the project does not at all the impression of a structure out of context.
Yalikavak PalmarinaThe forms are regular and simple but organized in a more irregular composition of volumes that intersect and overlap, making references to the architecture of the Mediterranean villages and taking the form of a composition increased over time.
Yalikavak PalmarinaA building language took its structure from the genetic code of the orthogonal planimetry of historical cities that existed at this region was strived for and the composition of volumes in different heights was embraced.
Yalikavak PalmarinaThe lawn, it works both as a structured path towards the complex, both as a place to meet outside. The wall that separates the lawn from the dock, makes it more intimate and direct experience that one feels closer to the complex.
Yalikavak PalmarinaIn this way, the eye is drawn directly from the buildings of the complex. The use of travertine, gives the structure a less contemporary Indeed, looking from the outside, it might almost seem like an old building renovated.
Yalikavak PalmarinaFrom the sea, the complex forms a base for the mountains of the coast. The different heights of the elements reflect the buildings that can be seen on the slopes of the mountains. In this way the complex is deeply in place and goes to join.
Yalikavak PalmarinaLocation: Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey
Architects: Emre Arolat Architects
Year: 2012
Yalikavak Palmarina Yalikavak Palmarina Yalikavak Palmarina Yalikavak Palmarina Yalikavak Palmarina Yalikavak Palmarina Yalikavak Palmarina


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