Zhuhai Observation Tower by RMJM

Zhuhai Observation Tower

Zhuhai Observation TowerAs a part of Doumen´s new riverfront improvement project, a new landmark tower should be realized at the intersection of two rivers in the center of the new promenade development. RMJM Shenzhen recently won the competition for this new observation tower in Zhuhai. The building itself is about 100 m high and will become an iconic symbol for the local environment.
Zhuhai Observation TowerThe design is inspired by the unique traditional water culture of the riverside district of Doumen. The movement of the water and the fish can bee seen as origin of the initial idea. The fish jumping gesture should symbolize the prosperity and rapid transformation of the city. For the integration of the tower in the urban promenade concept, the proposal avoids using too much of the plaza area, and leave the most space for landscape design elements and recreational activities for the people.
Zhuhai Observation TowerMoreover there will be cafes and restaurants on the ground floor of the tower-podium to activate the plaza square. The tower itself is divided into three parts: the ground podium, the experience part in the middle and the observation facilities on the top. The podium will contain a lobby for the elevator entrance, different restaurants and cafes and two small shops. The area is about 2000 m2 in total with the service facilities.
Zhuhai Observation TowerThe middle part of the tower is designed to be the experience part with different types of platforms like a recreational platform or a media platform. A staircase connects the podium with the observation facility and is attached on the outer side of the core. The top part is designated to the view – there will be a lower observation platform accessible directly by the elevator and enclosed by glass panels.
Zhuhai Observation TowerFrom there the higher outside observation platform can be reached, which provides a 360-degree breathtaking view to the surroundings of the river and the city. The design tools, which are used to generate the shape of the tower, are parametric design modeling tools. The main structure of the tower consists of twelve two-dimensional curves, which are divided in a second step for the sub frame.
Zhuhai Observation TowerThe sub-frame serves as the holding for the 1400 panels, which will create the iconic look of the tower. Moreover the panels will provide a sun protection in the middle part and create an interesting light-situation inside the building. The bent panels will be made out of perforated aluminum and be fixed on two sides through five fixation points on the sub-frame structures. Source by RMJM.
Zhuhai Observation TowerLocation: Zhuhai, China
Architect: RMJM
GFA: 4563㎡
Height: 88m
Year: 2014

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