Bombay Arts Society by Sanjay Puri Architects

Bombay Arts Society

Bombay Arts SocietyThis is a carefully planned, organic building, designed for artistic & cultural exposition, in the city of Mumbai.
Bombay Arts SocietyThe design ensures that the public and private spaces flow effortlessly into one another. Fluid forms enmeshed together in parts emerging from each other in parts constitute this small building.
Bombay Arts SocietyThe sculptural profile of the building generates 2 discrete spaces that inhabit different programs & users. Within an extremely small plot measuring only 1300 sq. mts, a mixed use building programme based on the clients needs had to be adhered to.
Bombay Arts SocietyArt gallery spaces, an auditorium, a cafeteria and artists rooms had to be planned within 1000 sq. mt and another 1000 of office spaces were to be provided for, each with separate entrances.
Bombay Arts SocietyFluid spaces across the three lower levels, house the art gallery spaces and their allied functions with walls flowing into roofs homogenously.
Bombay Arts SocietyThe fluidity of form seen externally, with a concrete skin encapsulating spaces while undulating in both the horizontal and vertical planes, is carried through to the interior volumes making the entire experience as that of moving through a sculpture.
Bombay Arts SocietyA separate entrance lobby at the rear corner leads one up vertically into a four level office space that is angled to allow the offices unrestricted views of the ocean in the distance.
Bombay Arts SocietyThe office spaces are encapsulated in a concrete skin punctuated volume with floor to ceiling glass panels in the direction of the sea.
Bombay Arts SocietyThus within this small 1300 plot two distinct set of spaces are created, each with its own discernible identity and yet enmeshed together to create a uniquely sculptural building.
Bombay Arts SocietyLocation: Mumbai, India
Architect: Sanjay Puri Architects
Area: 1,300 sq. M
Year: 2013
Client: Bombay Arts Society
Bombay Arts Society Bombay Arts Society Bombay Arts Society

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