Earth House Project by Molos Group

Earth House Project

Earth House ProjectA world known architect once said: “At times walls manifest a power that borders on the violent.
Earth House ProjectThey have the power to divide space, transfigure place, and create new domains. Walls are the most basic elements of architecture, but they can also be the most enriching.”
Earth House ProjectIn this case, this project was treated in the most enriching way possible.
Earth House ProjectThe position of the house is in the midst of nature, far away the busy streets of Tirana.
Earth House ProjectThe house was projected that way, to be by all means in touch with nature.
Earth House ProjectWe believe, say the architects, that the beauty in architecture is a reflection of the beauty of nature. Source by Molos Group.
Earth House ProjectLocation: Tirana, Albania
Architect: Molos Group
Year: 2014
Earth House Project Earth House Project

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