Guest House by Álvaro Siza + Carlos Castanheira + Kim Jong Kyu

Guest House

Guest House
Photo © FG+SG

After the a monumental dark grey laboratory, a glass gate and two pavilions in brick and exposed concrete, the Amore Pacific Campus in South Korea reveals yeat another building designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira: a guest house.
Guest HouseAmore Pacific is a brand of cosmetics, clothing and decorative items, also related with the tea ceremony. Today the collection is immense, as are the quality and the beauty of most of the items, mentioned Carlos Castanheira.
Guest HouseForty minutes from Seoul, in the outlying city of Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Amore Pacific has a very large estate. In this campus are gathered the R&D – Research and Development, and the training departments.
Guest HouseThe hotel is exclusively for private use, substituting the existing buildings which didn’t provide for the dignified reception of guests. The hotel occupies part of the existing football pitch and seems to fit into the hill on the Southside.
Guest HouseWith two stories and in the form of a “U”, the organisation is simple: the bedrooms are located in the two almost identical volumes and at their junction are the service areas and the social spaces.
Guest HouseThe organisation or distribution of the rooms is inverted between floors, so that the ground floor bedroom has a different orientation to the one above, which gives privacy to the outside use and creates variety.
Guest HouseBrick, exposed concrete and timber and stainless steel door and window frames characterize the exteriors.
Guest HouseThe volume spreads out amidst the greenery outside so the external landscaping is a consequence of the buildings and the necessary moulding of the ground where the intervention has occurred.
Guest HouseA site surrounded by lavish vegetation that through continuous transplanting transforms and renews itself. Article by António Choupina.
Guest HouseLocation: Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Architects: Álvaro Siza + Carlos Castanheira + Kim Jong Kyu
Coordinator in Portugal: Pedro Carvalho + Im Yo Jin
Collaborators: Eliana Sousa, João Figueiredo
Coordinator in South Korea: Kim Soo Young
Collaborators: Kim Hyunee, Park hee chan, Lee zoo hwa
Structure: HARMONY Structural Engineering
Mechanical Installations: HANA Consulting Engineers
Electricity: HANYANG Total Electrical Engineering & Construction
Construction Company: DAELIM
Area: 3,003m2
Year: 2007 ~ 2014
Photographs: FG+SG
Guest House Guest House

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