The House of Hungarian Music by SCStudio

The House of Hungarian Music

The House of Hungarian MusicThe Liget Project, as established in its general strategy, aims to turn the City Park into one of the most important museum areas of the world: nature and architecture will coexist in a unique and vibrant environment.  The visitors can enjoy both the naturalistic beauty of the park  and the exiting activities planned by the different new institutions: the National Gallery and Ludwig Museum, the Museum of Ethnography, the Museum of Architecture.
The House of Hungarian MusicThe House of Hungarian Music wants to be an innovative cultural platform for music: in fact, its main challenge is not only to provide a modern and performing concert hall for several events, but basically it’s a didactic-educational institution, centred on an intense cultural activity, but at the same time is a public-collective space where people can gather and share different events.
The House of Hungarian MusicThe House of Hungarian Music will be constituted by small different objects, connected each other by common routes and a general landscape configuration. Every object will have its own specific function and identity. The new House of Hungarian Music, conceived as the sequence of objects, will work as an urban archipelago: isolated and autonomous in its own configuration, but at the same time interconnected in each of its components.
The House of Hungarian MusicAt the same time, the respect and preservation of the existing vegetation will permit to protect the buildings from wind, atmospheric agents, and control the general level of comfort.  An Urban Archipelago‘s sustainable strategy is based on four different categories: ecology, energy reduction, waster reductions, and health.
The House of Hungarian MusicEach category can be analysed according to different themes: biodiversity, greening, water conservation; daily energy efficiency; C02 reductions, waste reduction; and lastly, interior environment, water resource, wastewater treatment. Courtesy by Stefano Corbo
The House of Hungarian MusicLocation: Budapest, Hungary
Architects: SCSTUDIO Architecture and Design
Architect In Charge:  Stefano Corbo
Year: 2014
The House of Hungarian Music The House of Hungarian Music The House of Hungarian Music

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