Maths Gallery at the Science Museum by Zaha Hadid

Maths Gallery at the Science Museum

Maths Gallery at the Science MuseumZaha Hadid Architects have been chosen by the Science Museum to design a pioneering new mathematics gallery, made possible by the largest individual donation ever made to the museum from long-standing supporters of science David and Claudia Harding.
Maths Gallery at the Science Museum“With this gallery we want to evoke the kind of excitement around mathematics as our Collider exhibition has done around particle physics and with Zaha Hadid’s extraordinary designs this project is off to the best start imaginable. This appointment reflects our ambition to deliver the world’s foremost gallery of mathematics both in its collection and its design”, says Ian Blatchford, the Science Museum’s Director.
Maths Gallery at the Science MuseumThe permanent gallery will tell stories that place mathematics at the heart of our lives, exploring how mathematicians, their tools and ideas have helped to shape the world from the turn of the 17th century to the present. Zaha Hadid’s pioneering practice has embodied this idea by anchoring engineering and mathematical thinking throughout their designs.
Maths Gallery at the Science MuseumZaha Hadid, who has studied maths, said: “The design explores the many influences of mathematics in our everyday lives; transforming seemingly abstract mathematical concepts into an exciting interactive experience for visitors of all ages.” The David and Claudia Harding Mathematics Gallery will open in 2016. Source by Science Museum.
Maths Gallery at the Science Museum

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