M&V Branch Office by Rudolf Müller

MV Branch Office

MV Branch OfficeReconstruction of the former garage, tinsmith and paint shop to branch company selling tools and tools for metalworking are among the projects that simply need if you desire to abandon the endless search for the relationship of architecture to the environment, to the development of historical and future, to detail.
MV Branch OfficeOr the desire to look, but also to implement. Not being tied preconceived decisions, contrary to critical debates with experts choose the best solution and supposedly feel client support. An important result of the whole process is then absence of extremes – single purposeless architectural exhibitions and unified universal solution to stubborn effort to reduce costs for the budget.
MV Branch OfficeIn this particular case, said confidence was reflected in three key things that determine the overall approach to reconstruction. The first is the impact location on the object. The influence that defined the term object. The bleak surroundings characterized most manufacturer busy roads convince all parties that the best solution is object oriented inward.
MV Branch OfficeIn one of the central fields skeleton was created atrium, which turns almost the entire interior. Here again showed tolerance of the investor, who gave the green light unconventional approach to landscape architect. The stone was placed in the atrium oversize intended to stand moss.
MV Branch OfficeThe overall tone is more brutal than other more conventional designs, better suited to the job description of the company. The circuit operates utilitarian facade, except for the entrance area, consisting of the attachment steel slotted grating, whose vertical segments are filmed in the point of focus located in the atrium area.
MV Branch OfficeFor each place before the steel bars can therefore look to the interior, in perspective, however, the lamella form of matter in which the point of entry highlighted bulge. The chosen solution has two reasons – to protect large format glass walls and a clear identification of the object as a branch company working mostly with steel.
MV Branch OfficeIn the final version is hours of reflection and search for the perfect proportions and shape. The finale is a complex functional and parametric design based on flexible solutions tailored. Perhaps the most, however, reflects the attitude of the owner of the details. Part of the design process that separates a certain quality of half-hearted solutions.
MV Branch OfficeHaving the ability to tighten the project to the last hit is not currently a common issue. Despite adequate number of compromises managed to apply a uniform approach in addition to a construction site in the overall interior design.
MV Branch OfficeIn addition to furniture and were under control and essentials type of graphic concept of orientation, create a schema in a showroom or exposure draft comprehensive product glass and china including custom accessories.
MV Branch OfficeThe final single character is the result of a live collaboration of all stakeholders who are not afraid to discuss and trust each other. We can only hope for lasting satisfaction. Source by Rudolf Müller
MV Branch OfficeLocation: Hněvkovského 603/81, Czech Republic
Architects: Rudolf Müller
Colaborator: Petr Kadaňka
Advisors: Zbyněk Holešovský – LDH, Miloslava Henešová, František Jihlavec – Profilux, Jan Klodner – BALANCE, Stanislav Král, Jaroslav Macíček, Jaroslav Mach, Vendula Markevičová, Ondřej Navrátil, Stanislav Peša, Petr Pokorný, Tomáš Sedláček, Markéta Sedláková, Ondřej Tichý, Eva Wagnerová
Main Structure Contractor: KALÁB – stavební firma, spol. s r.o.
Interior Contractor: U1 S.R.O.
Area: 987.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: KIVA
MV Branch Office MV Branch Office MV Branch Office MV Branch Office MV Branch Office MV Branch Office MV Branch Office MV Branch Office MV Branch Office

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