Rehabilitation of the City Walls of Logroño by Pesquera Ulargui Arquitectos

Rehabilitation of the City Walls

Rehabilitation of the City WallsMadrid studio Pesquera Ulargui Arquitectos have added two exhibition pavilions to the city walls of Logroño in Spain. The first has a stone exterior and faceted wooden interior used as an exhibition space. The second is a star-shaped addition clad in lead and inserted in a circular tower where the original walls form a corner.
Rehabilitation of the City WallsBuilt in the begining of the XVI century, this fragment of wall is Logroño’s most remarcable defensive construction. Its quality and its detailed ornaments bring to the present the wealthiest period of Logroño’s history. We have developed two little interventions trying to habilitate this forgotten symbolic space into two exhibition galleries.
Rehabilitation of the City WallsThese interventions have been realised in two phases. First of all, the monument has been restored following the usual process: preliminary archaeological studies, repair of existing diseases and rebuild of ruined parts.
Rehabilitation of the City WallsOn the other hand, as a consequence of scientific studies and geometry, showrooms have been understood as independent prefabricated buildings introduced at the very last moment. The first pavilion retrieves the original shape of the city walls as a light double leaf wall building.
Rehabilitation of the City WallsIt is meant to be a light stone construction at the same time similar and different from the existing. Outwards is adjusted to the urban setting; inwards is a single asymmetric wooden space with exhibitions on floor, roof and walls. The second one is a little lead clad pavilion inserted inside the circular tower in the corner.
Rehabilitation of the City WallsDesigned as a star shape it provides small courtyards to bring light into the showroom and show the defensive walls as part of the exhibition. Different materials in the pavilions explain different characters: stone vs. lead; heaviness vs. lightness.
Rehabilitation of the City WallsBased on a correct approach and strategy, the project has allowed later extensions without damage to the main idea. The untreated timber used outside and the finish given to the moat express their tectonic nature as assembled elements.
Rehabilitation-of-the-City-Walls-of-Logrono-by-Pesquera-Ulargui-Arquitectos-08This way to build the new elements pursues the concept of “reversible intervention”, as the materials used outside protect but do not change the former, allowing any potential further alteration to grasp new opportunities. Source by Pesquera Ulargui Arquitectos.
Rehabilitation of the City WallsLocation: Once De Junio, Logroño, Spain
Architects: Pesquera Ulargui Arquitectos
Project Team: Juan Enrique Álvarez Cabezuelo , Manuel Cifuentes Antonio, Natalia Domínguez Santana, Cristina Gómez Abecia, Alfonso Peralta Muñoz, Jorge Sánchez Limón, Judith Sastre Arce, Jose Antonio Vilches Menéndez, Architect; Structural: Juan De La Torre,
Engineering: Mario Abajo
Building Inspector: José María Velasco
Developer: Ayuntamiento De Logroño
Contractor: First Phase: Ortiz
Second Phase: Constructora José Martín
Year: 2010
Photographs: Pedropegenaute
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